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A Mobile Resource for Wound Healing in weeks rather than years

Whether you have a patient that needs a wound care referral or if you are a current wound care provider who has a patient who has not responded to conventional treatment methods. Our effective and proven approach to chronic wounds gives patients relief and hope for a better life.

This is not a replacement but rather adjunct treatment for chronic wound care. We partner with physicians, nurse practitioners and home health professionals to ensure collaborative approaches to each patient.

  • Our insurance backed protocol is a minimally invasive procedure that incorporates the use of specialty allograft products to promote rapid healing in chronic wounds.
  • Patients typically receive treatments weekly for 10-week cycles.
  • Most patients will see marked improvement in healing for their chronic wound within months and ultimately complete closure, even for wounds that have lasted for years.

Patients who suffer from Chronic & Persistent Wounds

  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Venous stasis ulcers
  • Burns
  • And more…

What we offer

A Partnership

Restore Medical Group partners with physicians, nurse practitioners and home health professionals to ensure collaborative approaches for optimal patient outcomes.

A Solution

Restore Medical Group has access to a multitude of wound healing products to best provide a patient specific solution for optimal healing.

An Answer

Restore Medical Group provides an answer to our partners and their patients:

  • For our partners – an answer to current excess costs and invasive methods.
  • For our patients – an answer to current limited mobility and function.

Our unique health care practice

  • Our treatment comes to you
  • Self-referrals accepted
  • Primary care referrals accepted
  • Covered by insurances
  • CMS (Medicare) approved methods

What types of patients qualify?

Qualified patients have a wound that...

is an open wound on the skin

is greater than 1 square cm

has not improved after 4 weeks of conservative therapy

is not infected

We offer convenience

Chronic wound patients often have mobility deficiencies. We offer treatments:
  • In-Home
  • In-Clinic
  • or In-Facility


Patient M., right leg after 5 years of treatment with traditional methods.


Patient M., right leg after 21 days with RESTORE Medical Group

This has been life changing for my mother. Better health is an understatement.

— April
Daughter and care provider for
immobile wound care patient.

Our team is committed to you and your patient

Incredible care, service, and partnership.

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